Offering Our Clients a One Stop Turnkey Solution for Projects and Small Works.

Experienced and Trusted to Deliver your Mechanical and Electrical Projects on Time and on Budget

From small to major mechanical and electrical (M&E) works, our Projects team is an integral part of our business, offering our clients a one stop turnkey solution for all their buildings’ maintenance needs.

Our Project managers are skilled and experienced, ensuring your Projects are delivered on time and on budget.

We are trusted on a broad range of M&E project works including the supply and installation of the following:

•      Commercial plantrooms
•      Boiler, flue and heating systems
•      Chiller and chilled water systems
•      Water heaters and domestic hot water systems
•      Vented and unvented systems
•      Air handling, ductwork and ventilation systems
•      Air conditioning, VRV / VRF and heat pump systems
•      Building Management Systems, field devices and variable speed drives
•      Energy efficient fan and pump upgrades
•      LED and sensor lighting systems
•      Electrical distribution systems
•      Fire and security systems

From initial enquiry, we will assess your needs and offer you the best solution for your building and calculate the cost and energy savings potential on your project.

We operate to the highest standards of safety and quality while ensuring minimal disruption to your ongoing activities.


Boiler Plant Replacement in Grade II Listed Building

Following a competitive tender, HFL’s Projects team was awarded the plantroom replacement works at a Grade II listed building in Manchester.

The full turnkey refurbishment included the strip out of the old plant and installation of:

•      Modular boilers
•      Pumps
•      Hot water cylinder
•      Pipework
•      Flue (7 storeys from basement to roof)
•      Insulation
•      Control panel
•      BMS system

510kW Boiler Replacement and Plate Heat Exchanger Installation in Large Commercial Building

Our Projects team were selected to carry out a commercial boiler replacement and plate heat exchanger installation in a large commercial office building in Newcastle.

The job consisted of the following tasks:
  • Validations
  • Drain down of old system
  • Strip out of existing boiler
  • Supply and installation of new Hamworthy Pressure Jet gas fired 510Kw boiler
  • Supply and installation of new LTHW plate heat exchanger
  • Installation of 2no. pumps
  • Modification of BMS Panel
  • Upgrade of BMS system
  • Installation of new pipework
  • New flue system
  • Change over from old to new system
  • Refill system
  • Test and commission

Chiller Evaporator Replacement on Roof of Busy City Centre Grade II Listed Leisure Venue

Our Projects team was selected to replace a chiller evaporator on the roof of a busy grade-II listed leisure venue in Manchester.

The job included the following tasks:

  • Drained oil and water from compressor No. 2 and disconnection
  • Installed temporary condenser (No. 2) supports to allow removal of main support and removed evaporator to the side of the chiller
  • On the first crane visit, lifted evaporator and compressor No. 2 and sent compressor away for overhaul
  • Compressor strip cleaned, motor windings dried and re coated, and compressor reassembled with new bearings
  • Lifted back new evaporator and overhauled compressor
  • Re assembled evaporator including CHW and refrigerant pipework and reconnected overhauled compressor
  • Completed dehydration of condenser for circuit No. 2 and any other associated refrigeration pipework before opening the system to the new evaporator and compressor
  • Whilst void of refrigerant, replaced safety valves on both refrigerant circuits
  • Pressure testing both circuits with nitrogen
  • Recommissioned compressor and circuits

Installation of a ‘conical’ strainer to each chiller prior to the inlet of the evaporator and repair of the non-returns on chiller pump sets.

AHU and Toilet Ventilation System Replacement on Rooftop of City Centre Office Building

We were selected to replace an AHU and toilet ventilation system located on the roof of a 7-storey city centre office building in Manchester.

The works comprised the following tasks:

  • Removal and replacement of the existing AHU
  • Removal and replacement of the existing toilet ventilation system
  • Removal and replacement of the LTHW connections
  • Removal and replacement of the power suppliers to the AHU
  • Upgrades to the BMS system to accommodate the new AHU
  • Insulation of the new Ductwork
  • Testing & Commissioning of the new system

Gas Fired Water Heater Installation in a Commercial Office Building

Our Projects team installed a gas fired water heater in a commercial office building in Leeds.

Chiller and CHW Pipework Replacement on Rooftop of City Centre Office Building

We were selected to replace the chillers and chilled water pipework located on the roof of an 8-storey city centre office building in Leeds.

The job comprised the following tasks:

  • Chilled water pipework removal
  • Bird mesh removal, rain screen removal and ductwork disconnection
  • Disconnect power and BMS connections
  • Lifting of 2no. old chillers to ground level
  • Alterations to steel base and new anti-vibe mounts
  • Lifting of 2no. new chillers to roof
  • Refitting of rain screen and bird mesh
  • Reconnection of chilled water, power, ductwork and BMS supplies
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • Containment system established
  • Small power installation
  • Data and telecommunication installation
  • Electrical services associated with mechanical plant supplies reconnected
  • Earthing and bonding established
  • Lightning protection installation
  • Alterations to 3-phase from plantroom

Energy Efficiency AHU Fan Upgrade

We replaced a burnt-out motor and AC belt driven fan in an AHU with 4no. direct drive Electronically Commutated (EC) fans in an office building in Leeds. Each 2.8kW fan has an available airflow of 1.25m³/s @ 1200 Pa.

EC motors have low losses, can accurately control fan speed from 0 to 100% and can deliver the same air volume with significantly lower power consumption than belt driven AC fans.

We also supplied and installed a new control panel to allow integration into the existing BMS system with the ability to have a fault indication on the fan bank.

The replacement resulted in a 60% reduction in energy costs and savings on belt replacement costs as well as elimination of the single point of failure risk.

Gas Tightness Test across 70-Acre Industrial Estate

Our team conducted a gas tightness test across a 70-acre industrial estate in Leicestershire.

The job involved conducting the gas soundness tests on 2no. incoming gas supplies to the site, one being 15” and the other 6”, serving 50no. submeters and industrial units spread over 70 acres. The overall test required mobilising 9 engineers over a 5-day period.

The gas is used to power various heavy industrial processes.

Invertor Driven LTHW Pump Replacement and Energy Efficient Upgrade

Our Projects team replaced and upgraded a LTHW pump system with 2no. inverter driven 100mm twin head LTHW heating pumps in a commercial office building in Leeds.

The works also included pipework modifications and upgrades to the BMS panel to suit the new pumps.

Invertor pumps are more energy efficient than traditional pumps because they can vary their speeds depending on the building’s demand. Moreover, the energy and cost savings increase quicker than the power reductions required to make the pumps rotate due to Cube’s Law. This means that a small reduction in usage results in a big change to the bottom line.

Wet Riser Butterfly Valve Replacement Using Pipe Freeze Method

To keep disruption and costs to a minimum, it was decided that a pipe freeze would be most suitable to enable the cut and replacement of a 150mm butterfly valve on the wet riser pipework of a busy Manchester city centre site.

This was completed successfully with the new valve installed and no issues.

Cutting Through Flammable Underground Chamber Using High-Pressure Waterjet Cutting Method to Pump Out Foul Water

How do you cut through a metal partition to access an underground tunnel full of flammable methane gas caused by stagnant water?

A flame cutter (Oxy Fuel Cutter) could not be used as this would cause sparks to fly with potential for explosion.

The only other method was waterjet cutting. This uses a high-pressure water jet to cut through the metal causing no sparks. This then allowed the engineers to safely pump the foul water out and not damage any of the brickwork in this grade-II listed city centre building in Manchester.

30kW Chilled Water Pump Replacement

Our team replaced a 30kW chilled water pump feeding two Daikin rooftop chillers.

Due to the weight of the pump, we split it into two components and using a hydraulic stair lifter managed to fit the pump in the plantroom. 

Boiler and Heating System Replacement at Secondary School

Our Projects team was called on to replace the space and water heating system at a secondary school in Warrington.

The job involved rerouting and replacing the burst LTHW heating mains pipework which ran underground. A new route was taken above ground to avoid digging up the access road from the boiler house across the road and through the Gym at height level to pick up the pipework in the school kitchen. The pipework was connected to 2no. newly installed 100kW condensing boilers.

Having an adequate heating system is key to maintaining the optimum temperature in a study environment, which can have a huge effect on students’ and teachers’ abilities to concentrate.

Gas Boiler and Flue System Replacement in Office Building

Our Projects team replaced an old Ideal Concord CX Boiler with an Ideal Evomax 65 kW boiler and flue system in a commercial office building in York.

Rectification of Faulty Generator Installation in Converted Residential Block

We were called to a non-operating generator at a recently converted office to residential property in Manchester.

Following an investigation, we found the following problems with the installation:

    • No provision had been made for the air supply and discharge to run the machine
    • The electrical cables from the changeover panel were undersized relative to the output of the engine.
    • The generator was suspected to have never operated due to the condition of the installation, despite there being commissioning paperwork

As a result, the following works took place:

  • The concrete wall of the building was specialist cut with diamond drills
  • The generator was lifted and rotated so that the intake and discharge points were facing the opening in the wall
  • Ventilation ducting was installed from the generator to the opening in the wall separating the discharge hot air and air intake
  • To deal with the cable under sizing the generator’s output, switchgear was downrated to protect the actual required electrical load of the site

Chlorine Dioxide Dosing Kit in Sports Complex Installation

Our team installed a CLO2 dosing kit at a large sports complex for one of our clients in the West Midlands.

Chlorine Dioxide is used to disinfect water systems and acts as a biocide which kills bacteria and breaks down the biofilm aligned on the interior pipework.

Cold Water Booster Set Installation

We installed a new cold water booster set in a Liverpool office building.

As this was a new installation, we also had to adjust the pipework and install new electrical feeds to accommodate.

Overnight Cold Water Booster Set Replacement in Grade-II Listed Building

We were called on to replace an obsolete booster set overnight. The site was a Grade-II listed Liverpool city centre office building.

The controls on the booster set had failed meaning one pump was holding the building and running full speed 24/7.

As such, a new booster set with 2no. 24ltr accumulator vessels were installed to ensure a stable supply of water.

High Level Glass Pane Replacement in Busy Office Building

Our Projects team removed and replaced a high-level glass pane in a commercial office building in Manchester. The job required scaffolding as the pane could only be accessed from the atrium side of the office.

7-Storey Ductwork Replacement in Narrow Central Light Well in City Centre Alleyway

Our Projects Team replaced the supply ductwork which ran 7 storeys up a narrow central light well in a city centre site in Birmingham. Scaffolding was a delicate job as access to the rear of the ductwork was restricted as it backed onto the wall of this narrow space.

Expansion Vessel Replacement in Small Office Building

Our Projects team changed out a larger old pressure vessel for two smaller vessels in a small Manchester office building.

We also installed new pipework as well as isolation and drain valves for future services and maintenance.

AHU Coil Replacement in Busy Leisure Venue

Our Projects team replaced a burst AHU coil in a busy leisure venue in Manchester.

Pressure Relief Valve Replacements

No job is too small for HFL Building Solutions.

Our Projects team replaced 4no. 2inch pressure relief valves (PRV’s) on a commercial boiler system in Manchester to ensure this system was compliant with the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations.

High Efficiency LED Installations and Upgrades

Our Projects team regularly install high efficiency LED lighting.

Swapping your lighting system for high efficiency LED lighting is a sure way to achieve savings for your bottom line and the environment. Replacing your old lighting system for high efficiency LEDs has the following advantages:

  • Reduced lighting bills by up to 75%
  • Reduced maintenance, access and relamp (lights typically last 20 years)
  • Improved lighting quality with no flickering, immediate switch-on, low heat output and self-dimming technology
  • A bright and refreshed appearance for your facility
  • Environmentally friendly with no harmful gases, no mercury and lead-free
  • Reduced Co2 emissions

We install high efficiency LEDs on both external and internal lighting systems. We can also fit smart lighting sensors which will further enhance the efficiencies of the lighting installation.

What’s more is we can finance the up-front installation costs while saving you money on your electricity and maintenance costs from day one. We will fund and maintain the system typically under a 5-year operating lease whereby your new monthly lighting bills are lower than the leasing costs – leading to savings to your bottom line from the first month of install. We guarantee that the repayments never exceed the expected energy savings giving you peace of mind and leaving you with no excuse to not consider swapping your lighting system for high efficiency LED’s.