24-7 Reliability

Because Accidents can Happen Anytime

Because accidents happen at all times of the day and can quickly spiral out of control, HFL operate 24-7, 365 days per year.

Clients can ring our helpdesk at all times of the day and an engineer will be deployed to site to make the event safe.

HFL have a rigorous callout and escalation procedure to ensure that all callouts are addressed effectively. We also ensure that all our specialist subcontractors supporting us on a contract also have this capability to meet all contracted service level agreements.

Whether it’s a pipe-leak in an office server room or a faulty fire alarm ringing in the middle of the night, HFL offer a reactive service which is second to none, providing our clients with the peace of mind they deserve.

Overnight Water Pipe Burst in Office Ceiling

We received a callout regarding a leak at 7pm at an office building and were asked to attend site as quickly as possible.

Our on-call engineer was on site within 30 minutes to isolate the leak.

He quickly identified the source and isolated the leak which was coming from the LTHW pipework located in the ceiling of one of the offices.

Consumer units also had to be isolated as these were located under the leak. The flooring had to be pulled up and water removed.

Later, a fire and security alarm engineer also attended site as the fire alarm had been damaged in the process.

The next day, the LTHW pipework, valves and fan coils were inspected and tested.

The electrical distribution system also had to be inspected as some of the distribution boards had been affected by the leak.

The faulty valves, pipework and electrical distribution system were repaired, and the building returned to normal operations.

Out of Hour Clean and Chlorination

Interim lab results indicated a high legionella count following sampling taken at a client’s site.

Our Water Management Services Team immediately notified the client who wanted a fast response.

Two of our engineers were on site within two hours of the notification and carried out clean & chlorination of three cold water tanks, a water heater & all the down services and re-sampled.

24/7 Callouts

How It Works



Accident occurs and needs addressing right away


Call Help Desk

Client calls our Helpdesk which is available 24-7, 365 days per year


Deploy Engineer

Helpdesk gets in touch with the engineer


Make Safe

Engineer makes safe the incident