Offering Energy Reduction Solutions to Help Our Clients Achieve Their Net Zero Ambitions and Reduce Their Bills.

Because the Race to Net Zero is On!

The energy market is rapidly changing and there has never been more pressure on industry to take responsibility for the usage, cost, efficiency and the environmental impact of their operations. Reducing energy costs whilst keeping abreast of the latest legislation can be daunting and a huge burden for companies.

HFL Energy Solutions adopts an integrated approach to ensure your company is both legally compliant and energy efficient. Our team of experts will deliver solutions which combine the latest technologies with high industry productivity and expertise. Our ‘one-stop-shop’ approach guarantees thorough consultation, implementation and review of your needs with a comprehensive range of services ensuring your individual requirements are met on time and within budget.

What’s more is our tailored approach enables our customers to achieve energy savings even without a capital budget available. Energy efficient projects implemented in existing buildings are an effective way of reducing energy consumption and creating cost savings for a building owner.

HFL Energy Solutions provide a full end to end service whereby we can survey, advise, finance, supply, manage and maintain energy efficiency projects for improved performance and energy reductions supported by a performance guarantee.

Please refer to our list of energy efficiency services listed below.

Energy Efficiency Surveys & Assessments

Energy Efficiency Surveys & Assessments

We can help you devise a plan to achieve Net Zero by providing you with any of the following:

Asset Dilapidation Report:

Our highly qualified M&E surveyors can provide you with a comprehensive report indicating the condition of your assets, along with recommendations and budget costs to improve their efficiency or replace them

EPC / DEC Surveys:

If you are looking to sell or let your commercial property then we can provide you with an EPC or a DEC certificate as required to market the property. The rules are changing for commercial landlords on April 2023 as they will no longer be allowed to let their existing tenancies if they have an EPC rating of E or below. The minimum EPC E-rating only applies to newly agreed tenancies, however by April 2023, this will apply to new and existing lettings. By 2027, this will increase to a minimum C rating and by 2030 to a B rating. Commercial landlords should be mindful of these dates as retrofitting properties can be a timely and costly exercise.

BREEAM and LEED Assessments:

Looking for a globally recognised sustainability label for your building which makes a strong statement to your environmentally minded tenants and stakeholders? We can help by providing you with a BREEAM In-Use or LEED assessment and support you throughout the accreditation process. It’s proven that buildings with BREEAM and LEED certification emit less carbon, are more appreciated by tenants, and achieve higher revenue yields than traditional buildings.

Net Zero Road Map Report:

Concerned about Net Zero but not sure how to get there? We can provide you with a comprehensive assessment which identifies the best options for your building to achieve Net Zero. This includes efficiency and energy reduction measures, fabric works, renewable energy installations and M&E plant retrofits. Our report includes a budget and a timeline which acts as a business plan for any landlord or managing agent aiming to achieve Net Zero.

High Efficiency LED Installations

High Efficiency LED Installations

Swapping your lighting system for high efficiency LED lighting is a sure way to achieve savings for your bottom line and the environment. Replacing your old lighting system for high efficiency LEDs has the following advantages:

  • Reduced lighting bills by up to 75%
  • Reduced maintenance, access and relamping requirements (lights typically last 20 years)
  • Improved lighting quality with immediate switch-on, low heat output, self-dimming technology and no flickering
  • A bright and refreshed appearance for your facility
  • Environmentally friendly system (no harmful gases, mercury and lead-free)
  • Reduced Co2 emissions

We install high efficiency LEDs on both external and internal lighting systems. We can also fit smart lighting sensors which will further enhance the efficiencies of the lighting installation.

What’s more is we can finance the up-front installation costs while saving you money on your electricity and maintenance costs from day one. We will fund and maintain the system typically under a 5-year operating lease whereby your new monthly lighting bills are lower than the leasing costs – leading to savings to your bottom line from the first month of install. We guarantee that the repayments never exceed the expected energy savings giving you peace of mind and leaving you with no excuse to not consider swapping your lighting system for high efficiency LED’s.

Solar Panel Installations

Solar Panel Installations

With rising energy costs, why not turn your empty roof space into a source of income while improving your energy ratings?

This is possible with solar panels.

Our turnkey offer includes:

  • A no obligation feasibility assessment and survey
  • Design, supply, and system installation
  • Planning and grid connection process management
  • System maintenance

We can also fund the entire project so that your business doesn’t incur any upfront costs – allowing your business to benefit from fixed energy prices and improved green credentials.

EV Charge Point Installations

EV Charge Point Installations

What better way to turn a few parking bays into cash generating fuelling stations with EV charge point installations?

We install and maintain your Electric Vehicle (EV) Charge Points whereby we cover the upfront costs of the installation and provide you with an opportunity to earn a share in the profits of the electricity sold.

This includes preventative maintenance, vandalism cover and technology updates. All you need is a vehicle parking bay and we will do the rest.

Utility Usage Reporting

Utility Usage Reporting

Ever wonder how your utility bills are calculated? We can help with fully customised utility usage reports which can help to unlock energy saving opportunities.

We can assist you in setting up your own reports which can vary from simple meter reading graphs to full energy measurement and verification (M&V) reports.

Our reports allow building owners to:


    • Track energy usage by asset
    • Identify energy wastage
    • Track energy usage by tenant & recharge accordingly
    • Track electric vehicle (EV) charging demand
    • Track energy savings and revenue from production, storage and grid export data (e.g. photovoltaics)
    • Monitor temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, and differential pressure levels
    • Monitor water consumption, water tap temperatures and flow rates
    • Identify leaks, stagnant water outlets and legionella risk
    • Benchmark consumption performance vs previous periods considering external weather impacts
    • Identify operational inefficiencies and energy saving opportunities
    • Determine optimal set points and timers
    • Verify utility bills
    • Track your building’s carbon footprint

Our reports will depend on the data which can be retrieved from site. If this data is limited, we can advise on fitting sensors and installing / upgrading your Building Management System. We can also customise reports based on manually retrieved data.

Remote Monitoring & Management

Remote Monitoring & Management

In addition to periodic reporting and analysis, HFL can remotely monitor and manage your assets in real time – 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.

Remote monitoring allows an engineer to remotely manage a site without having to physically mobilise an engineer.

Advantages include:

    • Investigate faults on call out
    • Maintain a comfortable environment for occupants
    • Remotely modify set points
    • Monitor tap temperatures and identify legionella risk
    • Identify leaks and inefficient use of plant in real time
    • Automate alarms when parameter readings fall outside setpoints
    • Automate meter reads and analytic reporting
    • Verify plant operation
    • Monitor plant overuse and anticipate plant failure


Remote monitoring capabilities will depend on the data which can be retrieved from site. If this data is limited, we can advise on data connection options, fitting sensors and installing / upgrading your Building Management System.

Energy Efficient M&E Plant Replacements

Energy Efficient M&E Plant Replacements

Looking to replace your old plant with more modern and efficient equipment? Our experienced team will manage the project, from installation through to disposal.

We can support you with the following M&E retrofits:

  • Inverters
  • Electronically Commutated Fans on AHUs
  • VRF / VRV Air Conditioning Systems
  • Heat Pumps
  • Condensing and Hydrogen Boilers
  • Water Heaters
  • Chillers
  • Pumps and Booster Sets
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Hand Dryers
  • LEDs and Lighting Sensors
  • Self-Testing Emergency Lighting Systems

We can also provide you with a cost savings analysis. In addition, we can can  finance the project under an operating lease agreement whereby we install and maintain the plant and your savings exceed the cost of the lease.