From Initial Survey to Contract Renewal

Because Good Maintenance Contract Begins with a Strong Mobilisation Programme

HFL provide our clients with the peace of mind they deserve right from day one.

We are highly respected in the industry for our ability to mobilise contracts quickly and effectively.

The process begins from initial survey where we identify the services required and create the maintenance programme, through to takeover, mobilisation, asset verification, site familiarisation and subsequently contract review and renewal.

We have dedicated mobilisation, QSHE and administrative teams who ensure HFL are operational as soon as we are awarded a new maintenance contract.

Our Services

Initial Survey

HFL are experienced in surveying sites and identifying a site’s M&E assets needing maintenance according to current legislative requirements.

We also help our clients come up with a cost effective and compliant maintenance programme based on their own requirements. We have experience in responding to large national tenders as well as quoting modest office tenants.

If you have a site where you are considering a maintenance contract then please get in touch and we will gladly survey the site free of charge.

Contract Mobilisation and Takeover

Once a contract is awarded to HFL, we establish a dedicated contract team to ensure it is correctly set-up and taken over efficiently.

The team includes a Mobilisation Manager, QSHE Manager, Contract Manager, along with our dedicated HFL engineers and administration team.

Mobilisation and Takeover includes: –

  • Contract set-up
  • Staffing, skills gap analysis and training
  • Health, safety, quality and security review
  • Site familiarisation & inductions
  • Asset verification
  • Manuals, report sheets and key dates collation
  • Logbook creation and CAFM integration
  • Financial administration

Building Dilapidation and Asset Condition Report

HFL’s experienced and qualified M&E surveyors can provide our clients with a comprehensive building dilapidation and asset condition reports which include the following: –

  • Asset make, model, year of install and service history
  • Asset condition and priority levels
  • Recommendations to improve the condition of the assets
  • Budget costs for remedials and / or replacements by priority level

Our reports include a ‘Traffic Light’ style assessment based on the priority levels with respective budget costs by priority level.

The reports are typically completed within 60 days of takeover and give our clients absolute clarity on the condition of the assets, those requiring urgent attention and budget costs to address this. The aim is to improve and optimise the maintenance regime.

Asset Labelling and Tagging

HFL also provide clients with the option to implement a comprehensive asset labelling and tagging system which includes:

  • Identifying the asset systems and linked subunits
  • Assigning an identification code
  • Inputting asset and associated information in a register
  • Determining asset label requirements
  • Tagging the assets
  • Verification

Examples of asset tracking programmes we have implemented include: –

  • Air conditioning systems, VRF/V, heat pumps and respective terminal units
  • Boilers, chillers, AHU’s and respective terminal units
  • Domestic and potable water systems and respective outlets
  • Pumps and Valves
  • Electrical distribution systems
  • Fire doors, dampers and extinguishers
  • Call points and refuge points
  • Emergency lighting systems

Health and Safety Report

Our experienced and qualified compliance and health and safety managers and engineers can also provide our clients with a comprehensive site HSE and report.