The Lowry, Salford

Time Duration

40+ Hour p.w.


HVAC | M&E services | 24 hour call-out service


The Lowry, based at Salford Quays, is the North West's premier arts and entertainment venue. Occupying a site the size of five football pitches, it comprises a gallery, two theatres, conference and exhibition facilities, shops, restaurants and a business centre. Named after Salford's most famous son, L S Lowry, the venue houses the world's largest public collection of the artist's works, many of which are on permanent display.

The Facilities Management team at the Lowry are committed to reducing their impact on the environment through energy efficient systems, whilst maintaining optimum temperatures for visitor comfort and the preservation of exhibits. The team at HFL Building Solutions have been successfully maintaining the environment within these parameters since 2007. Their expertise and innovative approach has led to their being contracted to manage it into the future.


The Lowry is a large and extremely complex building requiring an experienced technician to undertake daily maintenance to the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems feeding the theatre and gallery areas. The gallery regularly exhibits a considerable number of irreplaceable and extremely valuable original works of art, by both Lowry and other prominent and rising artists.

It is essential, therefore, that the gallery is kept at constant humidity in order that the paintings remain in prime condition. This is of critical importance, not only for the enjoyment of visitors, but also from a business perspective since reports and guarantees have to be provided to the relevant insurers. It was also a requirement that this was achieved in the most energy efficient manner possible, in line with The Lowry's environmental policy.

It is a privilege to work for such an iconic venue as The Lowry and we are delighted that they have extended our contract. We are committed to providing our clients with the most cost and energy efficient solutions available to keep their building systems running smoothly all year round. Dave Saxton, Managing Director - HFL Building Solutions

Our Response

Ensuring that the HVAC and M&E services at The Lowry are functioning appropriately is a full time occupation. From day one we engaged the services of one of our most experienced and highly-trained engineers who is on site 40 hours per week. Having a dedicated technician whose skill-sets and expertise have been matched to the requirements of The Lowry is essential to a successful outcome. He is familiar with the complexities of the system which enables him to ensure that the plant is running in an efficient manner and respond quickly to any emergency.

Additionally, the client has the peace of mind of knowing that we operate a 24 hour call-out service, should the unexpected occur once the working day is done. All HFL Building Solutions engineers work from vehicles fully-equipped with the necessary tools, equipment and instruments to effect maintenance and repairs with the minimum disruption and downtime.


HFL Building Solutions continue to meet and exceed our expectations. They completely understand our requirements for a controlled environment within the gallery in particular and that the comfort of our theatre visitors is of prime importance. It is reassuring to know that we have a highly-skilled HVAC and M&E engineer on site every day to keep things running smoothly and the back-up of the 24 hour help desk if we have requirements out of regular working hours.

John Toomer - Facilities Manager at The Lowry