Alton Towers

Time Duration

40+ Hour p.w.


HVAC | M&E services | 24 hour call-out service


Alton Towers is the largest theme park and family fun resort in the UK. Ever since the introduction of revolutionary rollercoaster, the Corkscrew, in 1980, the theme park has increased in popularity and now attracts over 2.7 million visitors every year.

Also located on the Alton Towers estate are two themed hotels - the eponymous Alton Towers Hotel, built in 1996 and the Splash Landings Hotel, opened in 2003. The hotels are open virtually all year round and include the UK's largest indoor swimming complex together with restaurants, entertainment areas and spa facilities. HFL Building Solutions is responsible for building services management for both hotels, comprising almost 400 guest rooms, together with their respective leisure facilities.


Managing services for both hotels at the Alton Towers resort is no minor feat, not least because there are significant peaks in demand. A typical example of this occurs when the park closes and visitors return to their hotel rooms. HFL Building Solutions needed to be able to guarantee that their management system could cope with 400 rooms drawing hot water for showers and baths at the same time. They were also required to ensure that the indoor swimming pool facilities were regulated at a constant temperature and that the heating and air conditioning systems within the building were operating at optimum efficiency.

The comfort of guests is of paramount importance to Alton Towers' hotel management. Any failure to deliver would result in refunded monies and potential negative publicity, so they needed to award the contract to an experienced and reliable company in order to keep all systems running smoothly.

This contract demonstrates that HFL Building Solutions are capable of designing and maintaining systems that deliver the goods on all counts. We always take the time to understand the client's requirements and the nature of their business so that we can provide bespoke service levels to meet those requirements | Dave Saxton, Managing Director - HFL Building Solutions

Our Response

Each project we undertake is fulfilled by a hand-picked team of experienced technicians who take the time to fully understand the requirements of the buildings and their occupants and apply their expertise to finding a solution which is both effective and highly efficient. In the case of the Alton Towers hotels the system we put in place was able to guarantee consistency at periods of high demand and manage energy-saving measures at other times. When not physically on site, the management team at Alton Towers know that they can contact our 24 hour technical help desk in an emergency and that an HFL engineer would be on site within the contracted time.


HFL Building Solutions have introduced and maintained a system which we know we can rely on, even in periods of high demand when our water and HVAC systems are under pressure. The team we work with are highly skilled individuals who understand the complexities of managing two busy hospitality venues and are continually finding areas for improvement, both in cost and efficiency.

Warren Critchley - Facilities Manager at Alton Towers